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Dreamy, whimsical print designs hand silk screen printed
onto stunning cashmere, silk and cotton scarves by Candice Wren

Hi There

I'm Candice a fashion and textile designer and I'm the creator and owner of the luxury scarf line under my name Candice Wren Scarves. My beautiful soft cashmere, silk and cotton scarves are sourced ethically over seas where I have a great relationship with my supplier and can proudly say my scarves are all made in a very habitable environment.  

Each scarf is printed by myself in my studio in my home town of chelmsford, Essex. I start with hand drawing my own designs and then I silk screen print my textile motifs onto the shawls. I produce small, limited batches for each collection meaning it is very unlikely you will run into someone else wearing the same one. It also means each scarf is unique as no two are exactly the same.

I pride myself on creating exceptionally beautiful print designs that are dreamy and whimsical and I love to embellish my prints with textile foils in golds, silvers and coppers.

To read more about the process and sustainability of my scarf line click About me to find more information about myself and my business. 




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