All of our scarves are sourced from the wonderful land that is Turkey. I like to

call it the land of textiles because it really is just that! If you know about my

business you'll know I go to Turkey once or twice a year to hand pick my


Due to the pandemic I wasn't been able to fly out to buy more and so it's

been quite some time since I properly silk screen printed in large

batches. Now restrictions have lifted and life is pretty much back to

normal my family and I booked to go out where I was able to re

connect with my supplier and I bought a big stock home with me.

Since then I have been busy printing when ever I can. 

I am really excited to show you the collection so far which is a mix

of my classic designs from previous years mixed with new designs.

I decided to bring back some older designs as there have been

some truly beautiful prints created over the years and I feel when

covid struck and everything came to a stand still and the years

passed by my brand become forgotten about. So I want to bring

those designs back and celebrate the. Some have been re worked

like the angel wings and where as some have stayed exactly as they

were like the Queen bee print.





turkey boat.jpg
Stamp Mark