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I'm Candice a fashion and textile designer. I work from my workshop in my home town of Chelmsford Essex. Here I hand draw my designs then silk screen printing onto my beautiful cashmere silk and cotton scarves sourced from over seas. Working closely alongside a factory in Turkey I pride myself on being able to witness first hand that my supplier ensures a good working environment for the workers within the factory where my scarves are produced. I visit my supplier at least once per year, sometimes twice where I visit the factory and choose my colours for the next season first hand. 

My mission is always to produce beautiful timeless fashion pieces that are sustainable keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer and that are so durable they can be worn all year round, good for all seasons. I am also proud to say our scarves are not made from man made materials but are from all natural resources.


My design style is whimsical, pretty, typically English and on trend! After printing pretty imagery and motifs I often like to add textile transfer foil embellishment to my scarves giving them life, vibrancy and an extra zing! 

Each and every part of the design process is hand crafted by myself, therefore no scarf is exactly identical to another. This means each is a unique piece of art which can be worn, loved and enjoyed forever. Mass quantities are not made as they are hand printed by myself and I do not have the capacity to do this. However there is something lovey that you can own something individual that no other person will have or at least they will never have an identical to your one!

I also love to create other season items such as Halloween and Christmas sweaters, this is always fun. I also craft bird houses with personalisation, something that was born from a life experience and took off in lock down when I couldn't source my scarves from over seas. 

If you like what you hear and would be interested to know more please subscribe and become a member where you will be notified with new collections which you'll be able to view before they go live on the website or hit out on social media. This is a big advantage when only small units are made up meaning you can be one of the first to have the opportunity to make a purchase before everyone else gets to it! 


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