About Us


Candice is a designer who works in her studio in Chelmsford in Essex. Candice designs and then prints her own designs directly onto garments and accessories. 


Candice's style is whimsical, pretty, typically English and on trend. Her techniques includes silk screen printing, vinyl cutting and heat pressing. Being an adventurous designer Candice also uses many different embellishment techniques to add vitality and that extra zing to her products.

Each and every part of the design process is hand crafted by Candice therefore no garment is exactly identical to another. This means each is a completely unique piece of art which can be worn, loved and enjoyed. 

A vast majority of the designers work is bespoke and made to order. By subscribing to Candice's members page you can request custom orders and chat to Candice directly with what you are wanting.

By subscribing and becoming a member you will also be notified with new collections which you'll be able to view before they go live on Candice's website or on social media. This is a big advantage when only small units are made up meaning you can be one of the first to have the opportunity to make a purchase before everyone else gets to it!