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Whether your'e the bride seeking a beautiful wedding shawl to compliment your dress or you want to gift your bridesmaids a special thank you gift that has some  meaning, I've got your back, quite literally! 

I can create a one-of-a-kind shawl that is tailored to your personal style and vision for the day. From personalised details like your initials and date to elegant imagery that ties into your theme, I can do it all. Let me help you add that extra heartfelt touch to your wedding day look that will look elegant and keep you warm

I understand the importance of matching the scarf colour to your dress to ensure a seamless blend. Provide me with a fabric or colour swatch and I will do my utmost best to match it. 

Prices depend on the nature of the work that is required for example a scarf with the date and the couples names printed will be far less work than a shawl with a design printed all over with added embellishment. 

Please do not hesitate to drop me an email with any ideas or questionsI am happy to assist you with my feedback and a quote. 


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