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Our keepsake memory boxes are perfect for storing treasured mementos, photographs and any other precious possessions. They are large and deep enough that they can hold many valuable possessions and can be used as keepsake memory boxes for different reasons

We make these boxes for people who have had loved ones pass away. We also make them for foster parents who want to remember the children they cared for before they are permanently adopted as well as Mums and Dads who want to treasure all their babies first time milestones and little first time keepsakes. They also make fantastic wedding day keepsake boxes, where you can keep cards, and little things like your wedding cake topper, a favour pressed flowers from the bouquet etc.

These can be personalised with a name or names and a motif of your choice. We will always email you a couple of proof designs for you to choose from before they go to be engraved. 


We do not charge extra to have a keepsake box personalised.


Please be mindful with wording on the front. (names and dates only)


When you type the name you want please also type the motif you would like engraved or if you want it personalised please tell us what you would like.


bird, baby feet, bow

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