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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Princess Dianna of Wales wore a novelty jumper with a flock of white sheep and one black sheep. The jumper was worn in the era of her engagement to now King Charles, with the design featuring one black sheep among many white ones it was a cheeky way for Diana to show how she felt an outsider within the royal family.


Being interested in the Royals and the history and traditions, they made, I love that she found the courage to wear this bold jumper! It got me thinking about the contemporary era we find ourselves in now and how we celebrate differences. Nowadays an increasing number of individuals are opening up about their mental health, ADHD, bipolar disorder and sexuality among other things. I wanted to create a replica for Diana's jumper, not just for myself, but for anyone out there who occasionally feels like an odd one out or considers themselves a bit unconventional. This is my tribute to you! anyone out there that sometimes feels the odd one out or a bit weird! This is for you!


More Diana Princess Of Wales apparel coming soon!

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