The story behind our bird boxes!

January 8, 2019

People often ask me where my inspiration comes from for my designs and my product range. Well to tell you the truth my ideas often come from life situations and scenarios. I never thought for a moment a gift I made for my mum would be one of my best sellers. 



I wanted to give my mum something nice on the first year anniversary of my dads birthday after his passing. That’s when I made the bird box with the sentimental wording when robins appear you know Kev is near.



Family and friends would comment on how lovely it was. I suppose this gave me the confidence to upload it to my online shop and before I knew it I was receiving emails from all over the world asking for custom made bird boxes. 



The first bird box I made had the words "When robins appear you know Mum/ Dad is near" but I can customise these boxes with anything and have made so many different versions. 




I can stain the box or roof in any colour, they are each completely unique and personalised for you!


I have been asked regularly by Americans if I can change the word robin to cardinal and after being asked several times I googled what a cardinal is to find Its a lovely little bright red bird which refers to the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church. You might notice I stained the roof of this bird house above red to match the type of bird and theme. 









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