After Life.. What do You believe

August 16, 2018

After loosing both my parents and their passing being so close to each other I have been questioning what happens after life. I used to have a strong belief in the spirit world and that our soul would stay on this earth watching over our loved ones and dipping in and out of our world and another world. I used to be so sure of this I would tell my dad in his last months and weeks that I was at peace with the situation we had to face because I truly believed he would be able to see everything I would go onto do after his passing. I remember telling him we must not be sad because he will go onto do everything with me and would be by my side swapping turns between my self my sister and my mum. 


I hate to think when we pass away that's it and we are gone forever. It seems such a waste and is something I have struggled to think about in recent months. I am not so sure I still believe in the spirit world as when my mum passed away it was completely out the blue. I know my mum would do everything and anything if she had the power to get a message to me to tell me to confirm she is around but as there hasn't been anything definite or concrete it does make me question it all. 

As sad and heart wrenching as it is maybe when our heart stops beating that is the end of us. 


So then I wondered if maybe each and every soul lost contributes to the world we live in. Maybe our loved ones turn into an energy or reincarnate not necessarily an animal but maybe a flower or a droplet of morning due and maybe there character contributes to what they become. I guess we will never know.


This topic is something that I could talk about for hours. I suppose coming from the tight knit family we were I would do anything to get a message from my parents. But maybe they come to us in other ways. We planted a magnolia tree on the one year anniversary of my dads death and we buried his ashes in tribute box under the tree. Five days after mums passing in the middle of June Magnolia flowers have bloomed and as soon as one dies another blooms within days. Magnolia flowers only bloom in March- April and in autumn preferably September on wards and it is now August and our tree is still blooming.














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