Crafty Christmas

December 11, 2016

This year I have been late putting up my Christmas tree. I always buy a real tree, I just think there is something so lovely about going out and picking one then the excitement of bringing it into the home with its oaky pine smell that to me is the smell that Christmas has arrived. I always end up buying a tree that's too big for my house and so I end up cutting away the back branches at the bottom so that I can push it a bit flatter against the wall. This Saturday I ended up with a lot of branches which I hated to just throw out so as any arty person would do I thought to myself mmm what can I do with these.....


So here are my branches and this is what I did....


It was so easy, I placed my branches on top of each other in a nice arrangement like the picture above.

I then went in search for some twine/ string. This is a twine with a wire in side so that you can bend and twist it into shape but to be honest anything will do as long as it holds the branches in place. Then for the fun bit... 



I always have a hearty stock of ribbons and other haberdashery bits at home, its hard to not buy them they are everywhere and the selection in the shops is endless. So have a think and choose a nice thick ribbon or a couple of different types if you are like me and cant settle on just one! You need to wrap the ribbon around where you just tied up you'r branches.



I settled for a thick tartan as I thought it was really traditional and oh so Christmassy.


With my thin ribbon I threaded a couple of ball balls and other decorations on and simply tied them on and made a small knot at the back. With the tartan ribbon I then created a bow and did this again with the thin ribbon. This is the fun part as you can really have a play with ornaments you already have and this is where you can become most creative.



Here is my Christmas wreath. I made mine with what I had indoors quite quickly but I'm sure if you put you'r mind to it you could make something really beautiful.  The best thing about this is you really don't need that much to make one.


The main things you will need will be a set of sectors to cut off some un wanted branches at the bottom. A Christmas wreath door hook which are everywhere at Christmas time. I bought mine from BM store but I have seen them in pound shops and the range. You will then need string, ribbon and some decs. Enjoy being creative this Christmas. 



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