Autumn Inspiration

November 19, 2016

Autumn is a funny time of the year, in one sense it is horrible that we have the dark mornings and evenings and its getting a lot colder which means de frosting the car on those chilly mornings before work but then when the sky is free of clouds and the sun is shinning down through out lighting up the trees you see it can be truly beautiful. Sometimes I cant believe the colour the leaves change, you can have some that turn a neon yellow, some so golden and some even bright red! It really is the perfect time of year for the photographers and like me the designers. Before winter properly does set in do take a moment to stop and look around you.

This picture was taken yesterday at Danbury park in Essex, It was built in aprox 1979 and is a piece of English history which I found really interesting. Apparently there are hundreds of these so called ice houses all over England, they were used t store ice and to keep food and drink cool over summer months. For more info follow this link to read about this

Below you will see inside the entrance of the ice house. It looks a little scary doesn't it! I like the weathered colours of the bricks above the gate in an arch, they are very autumnal, mute and a great colour palette for a project. 





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