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Inspired by the Iconic sheep jumper Princess Diana Of Wales wore, here is our scarf replica.


The Princess wore the jumper on several different occasions originally designed by a brand called Warm & Wonderful founded by Joanna Osbourne and Sally Muir. Not surprisingly they shot to fame after Dianna was papped many times.


This scarf is fun and quirky but at the same time holds a hidden meaning and is for anyone who feels a little miss understood. Like Dianna wore her jumper to express almost in code she felt very much the dark sheep of the family this scarf has that meaning and is also for those who want to say I am what I am, take me or leave me, this is me!!!


  • - Hand silk screen printed

    - Hand Wash/ Machine wash on a low setting

    - Iron a low- medium setting

    - Cashmere Silk and cotton blend

    - Measures: 76cm wide and 184cm long

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