The perfect way to show someone you love dearly how you care for them when tney are in grief.
Sometimes we want to say it with a little more meaning than just flowers. This nesting box will bring comfort to those who have loved and lost someone.

You can choose what ever words you want. Please leave what name/ wording you would like in the notes box at the check out. Please be mindful to not make the message too long. 


These bird boxes also make great gifts for happier celebrations such as moving in/ birthday/ fathers day or mothers day.


What ever the celebration say it on a bird box and your family or friends will much enjoyment for years to come watching the birds nest in our roomy good size nesting box!

Box is made from wood and the front panel can be removed if you want to attract bigger birds.

The box can be used year after year. In autumn remove front panel checking the contents of the box. Swill down using boiling water, this will kill any parasites. Let the box fully dry out before putting back. You might want to add some fresh wood clippings/ straw to start a new home.





  • Measures 15.5 cm wide and 26 cm in length

    Made from wood the front panel can be un screwed so that larger birds can nest inside

    Hole on the back to hook over a nail