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Updated: Apr 22

Hey lovelies! Today I'm going to tell you about recent t-shirt designs I've been working on. Since designing the constellation scarf print back in 2020 which has been very popular ever since I find myself still drawn to the horoscope/ space come universe theme and so I have started trialling printing each star sign in constellation onto t-shirts.

Below you'll see the design printed in gold on a white t-shirt but I have also been experimenting by printing gold and silver constellations onto black t- shirts. I love how easy these t-shirts are to style, you could literally wear this with any type of jeans and you can style it up or down by adding jewellery and perhaps a pair of heels. I like my to tuck mine into my boyfriend jeans or my favourite pair of flares and my new sneakers from stradivarius. Pictured below you'll see the outside part of the shoe is baby pink and the inside is mint green! They remind me of Neopolitan ice cream!

After printing these t-shirts and loving the way they have turned out I wanted to create more t-shirt designs on this theme. There have been a fair few designs which won't make my website for purchasing and will just be sold off as a one off top at a craft show or farmers market. As you can imagine I have many samples its all part and parcel of my process in creating and designing.

Some of my designs are digitally created using photoshop and the cameo silhouette programme on my mac where as other designs are hand drawn and touched up in photoshop. Here you will see part of the design that gets printed but in order to come up with the perfect image I actually draw many parts of the picture over and over again. I then photograph the best parts and piece them together on photoshop erasing some parts and adding others therefore there are many layers to the process. Sometimes it can take days and finalise the design for print an even then once printed sometimes I decide it might look better with a tweak or a little adapting once more!

So here you will see the final design isn't anything like the drawing above but the flowers and pouting mouth have been taken. For this design I chose to print gold on a blue t-shirt but I now think the design would look much better on a black t-shirt, so that means I will print it out again on black to see the outcome. But to be really honest I'm not 100 percent sold on this design or the one above it with the gold moon and constellation. I feel they are both too generic and even though a lot of hard work has gone into the hand drawn one in my eyes its not quite on trend or special enough for me to feature it on my site. When I'm unsure on designs I usually pop them on my rail in my local pop up shop where I hire space and with a whole high street of footfall if it sells that usually indicates to me if its a winner or not. Il then make another one to see if that also sells and. then I know for sure.

As always if you enjoyed this blog post and are interested to see more of what I do please take a look at my instagram page. Here is a short video on my instagram showing the process of designing and making this t-shirt.

Thanks so much for reading Candice xxx

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