When it's wintery and I cant get out doors much I love to get my craft on. I have always been more of an indoors girl than an out doors girl. For me there is nothing better than a mug of hot of tea, my fav biscuits, a good sound track and an afternoon of crafts.

Here I made these cute gift tags from M&S fabric samples! Yes you heard me right! They already had the punch hole for the ribbon to loop through and the crinkle cut edges so all I had to do was decorate them! That was the fun part. I used magazine cut outs applying the chosen imagery with £1 shop glue dots and thats pretty much it. The rest was play and fun. This is something so simple that anyone can do, all you need to is some fabric scraps or samples like I used.

The reason I liked these fabric swatches was because the fabric sample is a stiff fabric. It was a fabric swatch for upholstery therefore it was much more hardy compared to other fabrics. Upholstery fabric swatches can be found for free in so many different places.

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