First Phase Of Scarves Completed

Our first batch of scarves is completed! I started off with a relatively small amount to make, I thought I’d ease myself back into it all as I haven’t properly batch silk printed for quite some time.

I found myself still head over heels in love with silk screen printing. There’s just something about lifting the screen to reveal a perfect print. For this batch of scarves I took an old design and re worked it. I added new zodiac motifs and printed the imagery in different positions.

For this years collection I plan on bringing back some of my classic designs, some will be re worked like this one has been and other classic designs will be printed exactly how they once were. Then there will be a few new designs and to tie it all together.

The collection will be based on celebrating over ten years of my print work. After three/ four years of not being able to silk print due to the pandemic I feel many wonderful designs have been almost lost and forgotten so Id like to show case them once again before moving onto new things. It's almost like drawing a line in the sand I need to be done with these designs before moving onto new ones!

I now go into phase two of a new batch. If your interested please keep an eye on my blog to see what design I decide to print next. Also I document my studio day to day life on my instagram account please take a look and give me a follow. for now I need to get on with my next batch.

Lots of love


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