Cooking up a new collection

Updated: Mar 30

Soon I will be jetting off to Turkey where I will be sourcing eight new colour ways in cashmere/ silk scarves. Then I will place my order and pick the scarves up a couple of days before coming back home. I can't put into words how excited I am to start silk screen printing onto these lengthy scarves again. To say silk screen printing is my passion is an understatement, I can't describe it really but I just love it, it's my therapy, and something I can do where I loose myself in the moment and create something beautiful to be proud of. When I lift my screen revealing a perfect print it gives me tingles!

With the pandemic I haven't been able to get to Turkey to buy a batch and have completely ran out now. I always like to see the colours in person and pick them in person because otherwise its likely il end up with a pile of 200 in cerise pink when I asked for rose pink. Dealing with the Turkish as lovely as they are who work in the factories can come with its challenges. Number one is the most obvious and that's the language barrier! Emailing the exact type of colour you want even sending photos has in the past led to arriving with a batch being ready for me to take away in the complete wrong shade! I'm sure you can also appreciate how scary it is sending over large amounts of money to a factory in a completely different country to buy scarves and hoping they will be there ready for you to pick up! Therefore I have learnt its far easier for me to go there in person to seal the deal! I mean why wouldn't I any way its a beautiful country and the weather is always hot and sunny.

I have always mixed my colour ways up in the past but this time I'm going with more of a muted palette in mind. I'm thinking of the shades below though this could all change when I get out there! I'm pretty sure il know when I see the different options in front of me what to pick. As for designs I'm toying with the idea of a complete new collection or to make a collection from a mix of all my old designs from over the years. This would include my famous bumble bee print and one of my very first best sellers that I called the garden flower design along with other classic best selling designs created over the years

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