Hi lovlies. How have you been? If you follow me on instagram you'll have seen I've been to Turkey for a lovely two week break at my Villa with my family which was much needed. Of course I also came home with two huge cases full of Turkish scarves! I was so excited to go back to what I think is one of the most beautiful countries in every sense. Not only is the scenery gorgeous but the people are really kind and friendly, food is incredible and there is so much to do and see. Don't even get me started on the shopping! Did you know almost all Zara clothes, lots of Riverisland and so many other well known labels are all made in Turkey! On the local markets people sell the over spill and samples for next to nothing. Over the years I have been so lucky to pick up some amazing clothes at such a bargain price! But the shops themselves sell really lovely things too. my favourites are Defacto, Ramadan, Madam Co Co, My English Home and Koton. These shops are the Home sense and Next of Turkey.

Unfortunately whist I was away the screen on my phone broke and my iCloud didn't back up in time and so I lost many precious videos and photos. Luckily some were saved and I was able to make this short video to show you where it is I buy my scarves from. I hope you enjoy it. The film shows a short glimpse of what the country is like and where it is where I pick my scarves.

The man that owns this little treasure trove den has been here for many years selling scarves and rugs. He has really good contacts with different scarf and textile factories in Turkey and I feel extremely fortunate to have met him and have him help me order in my scarves. These days I WhatsApp him and he sends me screen shots of the current catalogue of the scarves I like to purchase. I then select my colours and he places the order on my behalf. I'm afraid its not quite as Disney Aladdin as the video makes it out to be! Thank god for phones and technology! I then travel to Turkey and visit this little shop tucked away in a bazaar with winding paths leading to all sorts of shops selling spices, Turkish delight and of course turkey genuine fakes!! There are shisha lamps, rugs, and many restaurants; it really is magical. If you travel to Turkey please visit the local bazaar near you its quite an experience to witness.

When I visit the bazaar I'm greeted by the man and his little shop who has now became like a friend. He asks me sit and have a cup of Turkish tea before we see to scarf business! I check my order and then pull out many of the scarves the man has stacked from floor to ceiling. I always end up buying more than I planned! How can I not, so when I say I hand pick my scarves I really do and I have to travel a long way to do so but its totally worth it.

As many of you know when I get the scarves back home I silk print my own designs directly onto them and then they are sold on my website and to exclusive outlets and boutiques.

Shops my scarves have been stocked in are the Fashion and textile Museum Gift shop on Bermondsey Street London, Tip Tree Jam Gift Shop (Tip Tree), Sauce in Dubai and independent boutiques.

I Hope you enjoyed reading this, I like to think its always insightful to know the behind the scenes.

Love Candice xx

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Updated: Apr 22

Hey lovelies! Today I'm going to tell you about recent t-shirt designs I've been working on. Since designing the constellation scarf print back in 2020 which has been very popular ever since I find myself still drawn to the horoscope/ space come universe theme and so I have started trialling printing each star sign in constellation onto t-shirts.

Below you'll see the design printed in gold on a white t-shirt but I have also been experimenting by printing gold and silver constellations onto black t- shirts. I love how easy these t-shirts are to style, you could literally wear this with any type of jeans and you can style it up or down by adding jewellery and perhaps a pair of heels. I like my to tuck mine into my boyfriend jeans or my favourite pair of flares and my new sneakers from stradivarius. Pictured below you'll see the outside part of the shoe is baby pink and the inside is mint green! They remind me of Neopolitan ice cream!

After printing these t-shirts and loving the way they have turned out I wanted to create more t-shirt designs on this theme. There have been a fair few designs which won't make my website for purchasing and will just be sold off as a one off top at a craft show or farmers market. As you can imagine I have many samples its all part and parcel of my process in creating and designing.

Some of my designs are digitally created using photoshop and the cameo silhouette programme on my mac where as other designs are hand drawn and touched up in photoshop. Here you will see part of the design that gets printed but in order to come up with the perfect image I actually draw many parts of the picture over and over again. I then photograph the best parts and piece them together on photoshop erasing some parts and adding others therefore there are many layers to the process. Sometimes it can take days and finalise the design for print an even then once printed sometimes I decide it might look better with a tweak or a little adapting once more!

So here you will see the final design isn't anything like the drawing above but the flowers and pouting mouth have been taken. For this design I chose to print gold on a blue t-shirt but I now think the design would look much better on a black t-shirt, so that means I will print it out again on black to see the outcome. But to be really honest I'm not 100 percent sold on this design or the one above it with the gold moon and constellation. I feel they are both too generic and even though a lot of hard work has gone into the hand drawn one in my eyes its not quite on trend or special enough for me to feature it on my site. When I'm unsure on designs I usually pop them on my rail in my local pop up shop where I hire space and with a whole high street of footfall if it sells that usually indicates to me if its a winner or not. Il then make another one to see if that also sells and. then I know for sure.

As always if you enjoyed this blog post and are interested to see more of what I do please take a look at my instagram page. Here is a short video on my instagram showing the process of designing and making this t-shirt.

Thanks so much for reading Candice xxx

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So it's Easter! This is such a lovely time of year with so much hope of longer warmer days to come. I love our English seasons and try to make the most of each, especially having a little one who is learning all about the world around him and his surroundings. I feel upset if I let the season/ holiday pass me by without doing something to commemorate it. My little boy Sonny has been too little to ever do anything like this but this year I felt we could do something really simple. He is 2 and four months so it needed to be something pretty straight forward and affordable, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a messy couple of hours.

So I went into my local £1 shop where they had so many lovely Easter bits and pieces as well as Easter crafty bits. In all honestly I was spoilt for choice and in the end I had to make my mind up as I was taking far too long choosing! I picked up a bottle of PVA glue, some sponge spreaders rather that the normal ones. I thought these were better for a two and half year old, my logic was that the sponge will hold more glue rather than it just drip all over the table and him! I bought an Easter bonnet and some little carrots, sun flowers and sheep but they had so many different things you could choose from! I would highly recommend the £1 shop for this sort of thing because nearly everything is £1 and you get a few of everything in a £1 pack!

All I did in terms of prep was lay down a plastic table cloth as I thought it would keep my table clean and be easier to wipe over when cleaning up. I put the glue in a porridge pot but you could use a yoghurt pot and then I just let Sonny stick all the little carrots and sheep onto the bonnet. The flowers were really good because you could just push them through the bonnet and they stuck, I believe they must have been made for bonnet decorating. Sonny really enjoyed doing this and I was quite surprised at how this kept him entertained for some time! I did help him being he's just a toddler and I think he liked it that I was doing something with him because if I'm totally honest I always have a washing machine load to put on or there's washing up left on the side that needs putting in the dishwasher... house work with kids is never ending and I am definitely guilty of not spending enough time playing with Sonny so doing little things like this is really nice.

As I said he really enjoyed this simple little play activity, it made such a nice morning and if I'm honest I wish I had bought an extra bonnet as I would have quite liked a go myself! I think this sort of activity could be enjoyed by toddlers as young as mine right up to adults! Especially if you are willing to buy more decorative items than I had and really go for it.

I even think if you have a group of girly friends wouldn't this be a funny thing to do one night over the Easter holidays with a couple of bottles of wine and nibbles! You could have a Bonnet Off and see who makes the best. What a funny night that would be!

f you enjoyed reading this blog you might like to watch our short video of our morning making our Easter bonnet! I'd be so happy if this gives you inspiration to set up your own family Easter activity or project. And don't forget to let me know if you do!

Thanks so much for watching! Have a wonderful Easter holiday. lots of love Candice xxx

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